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Heriot-Watt University enjoys an established reputation for world-class teaching and preactical, leading-edge research.
is one of the top Reached-intensive Universities in china and a member of china's national project 985 and project 211. we are widely recognized as one of the most creative and influential universities in china, especially renown forour academic excellence in engineering
We understand the importance of holistic and student-centred education for your childern. This is why at Sunway international School (SIS) we deliver the internationally-renowned Ontario Schioo lcurriculum. The Ontario School curriculum isranked among the world' s best in school education. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Ontario (Canada) education system has consistently ranked among the top 5 performing countries in the world.
Asia Pacific University of Tecnology & Innovation (APU). The new ultra-modren University Campus in Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) is designed to be the state-of the -art teaching, learning and research facility providing a conductive enviroment for students and staff.

Our variety of full-time programmes at Kaplan Higher Education Academy address a wide range of student needs, backgrounds and aspirations. We cover disciolines such as Accounting & Finance,Business & Management, Communications& Media, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Humanities & Social Sciences, Information Technology, Language, Law, Marketing & PR.

"Nottingham is the nearest britain has to a truly global University, with campuses in China and Malaysia modeled on a headquarters that is among the most attractive ub Britain'

02 Mei 2016

Sunway University was formed with the belief and understandingthat higher education is vital to the progress of every nation, sunway university seeks to forge the nextgeneration of thinkers in a world-class tertiary education enviroment. offering prestigious degrees to a multi-cultural student population form over 90 nationalities, sunway University has recieved accolades for having high industry standards in education locally and abroad. it has tryly carved out a name for itself and is recognised globally as a higher education institution of choice.

Founded on a traditional of educational excellence spanning over 45 years, Taylor's University is well-recognised for this award-winning schools and state-of-the-art facilities, set within a dynamic and integrated learning enviroment.

Malaysia’s premier University College specialising in Hospitality, Tourism and Services industries with emphasis on experiential learning.

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