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27 Apr 2016

Malaysia’s premier University College specialising in Hospitality, Tourism and Services industries with emphasis on experiential learning.

at BERJAYA UCH. our Education Programmes go beyond the books to give you practical experiences. Because we know real life success calls for an education in the real world.

Nothing beats by learning by doing. We bring industry to the students through our hands-on programmes. we invite industry speakers to come in the classsrooms to shre their insights of current issues and trends. we have off-campus visits to hotels, offices and even farms!

Be WOW-ed by our University Campus with a five-star hotel look and feel. classrooms, learning resource centre, kitchens and laboratories are specifically designs to immerse you into the industry.

1st job priority & Professional work placement, Thourgh high quality education and training, students are able to unleash their full potential and create succesful careers in hospitality, toursim and services industries.

More info about Berjaya University College pls contact Global Total 

Tel (061) 4530301 & 6617131

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