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04 Mei 2016

Our variety of full-time programmes at Kaplan Higher Education Academy address a wide range of student needs, backgrounds and aspirations. We cover disciolines such as Accounting & Finance,Business & Management, Communications& Media, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Humanities & Social Sciences, Information Technology, Language, Law, Marketing & PR.

Whether you are a high-school graduate ready to embark on a diploma, a student in your early 20 aspiring to recieve a recognised foreign University degree, or a working adult exploring employment opportunities abroad, Kaplan offer the flexibility, specialised programmes and support you need.

When it comes to quality education, reputation matters, Kaplan is officially registered with Singapore's Council for Private Education, and has been awarded with the EduTrust certification which acknowledges quality excellence in our programmes, services and business operation

A private Education institution of choice

Kaplan has also recieved various awards which recognise us as a private education institution of choice. The award include :

2013/2014 Jobs central learning rankings and survey:
- #1 'Preferred Private Education Institution Overall'
- #1 'Preferred Private Education Institution to Pursue Diplomas'
- #1 'Preferred Private Education Institution to Pursue Bachelor Degrees'
- #1 'Preferred Private Education Institution to Pursue Professional Certifications'
- #1 'Preferred Private Education Institution to Pursue pos-Graduate Degrees'

2009, 2010, 2013 & 2014 AsiaOne People's Choice Award :
One of the top 3 Best Private Schools in Singapore
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